About Maggie Gilchrist

I joined the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Remsen, NY under the eligibility of my late husband

Robert Gilchrist, who was a decorated WWII Veteran. After moving to Ocala, FL I transferred to Post 4493

Auxiliary in Candler. I went through the chairs and was President for three years. I transferred to Auxiliary 4209 and

was Canteen manager. I was active in that Auxiliary and in the chairs and working on Stand-downs and delivering

can goods to homeless Veterans. I was also on the Veterans radio with Hank Whitaker promoting the Ladies

Auxiliary and was District 22 President for three years. Moving to Orlando I campaigned for Department Guard and

was elected to that position in 2011. I transferred to AEM Auxiliary 4287 in Orlando and was elected as their

Treasurer and appointed as their Secretary. I have held many positions with District 18. For the Department of

Florida I have progressed thru the chairs as Guard, Conductress, Chaplin, Jr. Vice and now Sr. Vice. Being in the

chairs, I have been on the Department audit committee, and budget committee. Now I will have the privilege of

being on the Board for the VFW Veterans Village Home in Fort McCoy. I’m also a member of the Ladies Auxiliary to

the MOC (Cooties) and the America Legion Auxiliary 219 Fruitland Park and still wearing High Heels!