About Pam Lotman:

Born in California, 52 years young, Pam grew up in an  Air Force military family. After graduation she went to work with the State of California division of Forestry and was one of the first female firefighters to join the ranks. Being a seasonal position she continued her education & pursued a career in Medical & Health as an LVN. Always searching for adventures and deciding to move to Florida, she became a licensed Phlebotomist . Soon thereafter she married  an Army Man and has been married for 32 years.

She has one beautiful daughter and 2 terrific grandchildren (Boys- 8 & 11).

Always wanting to advance her career she than decided to get ahead you must have strong, managerial skills so she  worked 2 jobs dividing her time between Bank of America and Private duty Nursing. Pam’s other passion is music. Her schedule was flexable enough that she began DJing for private parties and special occasions and she and her family opened Soundwaves.

After 8 years and Pam always looking ahead she was offered a unique opportunity to run Feedmark, working alongside the Mother Company in the UK. Becoming a business manager and U.S. Sales director she quickly advanced within the company. After 5 years unfortunately when the economy went bad so did sales and it became apparent that although she and her family had turned the company around, the UK office was ready to close it’s doors here in the U.S.

Approaching 50 and starting to slow down a bit, Pam decided to continue her pursuit of happiness and when she heard about the job at the VVV and having all the skills needed to work within the VVV, she knew the position was a perfect fit.  Over 20 years ago Pam and her family moved to Fort McCoy and she has worked with the VFW Veterans Village for the past 3+ years.

She is vey proud to be a Life Time Ladies Auxiliary member with Post 4209.

When reflecting on her day to day activities at the VVV, “There is never a dull moment, There is always something new to do around the Village.

“I am a ‘hands on’ Director.” I try not to ask a coworker to do something that I won’t do. I love to help our Veterans, they are our Hero’s and I love my job at the VFW Veterans Village.”

“Our residents deserve nothing but the best, they fought to insure our freedoms and we owe it to them to help to make their golden years as easy for them as we can, we owe them at the least a debt of gratitude, & that is a debt I am honored to pay!”