Folks just a quick update. I was able to get our shingle crew very quickly since they had just finish up a job in Homestead. John and I will meet with them Tuesday morning 7/10/2018 to review the scope and pick the shingle color. The review is a precautionary measure to insure all is understood about the scope requirements and I must have a VFW rep. approve the shingle color. Although most of you are not required to be on site I want you to know you are welcome’ It would be a good thing to have the LTC, Chester and Gene their for the kick off. Hope all is well with everybody. See you on Tuesday. Bob Knott, P.E.   Project manager

Robert M. Knott, PE
Facilities Engineering Management Specialist
Registered in Florida and California


Village Roof Pic from Google Map dated June 30, 2018
  • Thank you on behalf of the VFW  Veterans Village  board president, board members, residents, and staff to the board treasurer and department of Florida  A/Q Gene Perrino for bringing it to the counsel of administration and for the counsel approving the funding during our June convention.

  • A special thank you to our state commander Danny Anderson  and the A/Q for signing  the contracts to go forward on 29 June 2018  with the winning bidder!

  • The project will be coordinated between the Department of Florida A/Q, the contractor and Mr. Bob Knott the project manager.  Bob Knott brings over 50 years of experience to ensure that the department of Florida VFW Village monies are well spent!

  • Once things fall into place in the next few days there will be an update posted or any information can be obtain contacting the project manager or our state A/Q…

  • Thank you for your support!